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Estimating Cost of Replacement


  • Measure the longest length and the highest height of the clear vinyl.


  • Add the length plus height
  • Total equals a measurement in "United Inches"

            (Length + Height = United Inches)

Estimating Cost....

This calculator can be used to estimate the cost of replacing the vinyl in the panels of your enclosure ...
(in inches)
(in inches)
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6
Panel 7
Panel 8
Panel 9
Panel 10

Based on the information you provided above, the estimated cost of replacing your vinyl (not including shipping or any applicable sales tax) is:
  1. $ if replaced with .030 Gauge Extruded Roll Vinyl
  2. $ if replaced with .030 Gauge Sheet Vinyl
  3. $ if replaced with .040 Gauge Sheet Vinyl
  4. $ if replaced with .040 Strataglass

Disclaimer: This calculator is provided as a service to our customers. It is designed to provide an initial estimate of the potential costs for a replacement vinyl job. The results obtained here in no way obligate Superior Marine Canvas, Inc. to the estimated price, since the results are only as accurate as the information entered by the consumer. Final estimate will be given by the staff of Superior Marine Canvas before work is initiated.


  • Customer pays to have order shipped to us.
  • Superior Canvas, Inc. will pay for return shipping.


Call (856) 241-1724 or e-mail for instructions and information before shipping.


The script for this calculator is copyrighted by Superior Marine Canvas and may not be copied for use on any other website without the express permission of Superior Marine Canvas, Inc.

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